Saturday, June 10, 2017

Great article - SO true! Use it or lose it!

Monday, May 29, 2017

The Season Is ON!!!

I'm thankful for the last few weeks and for relatively good races to kick off the 2017 season. Here's a brief rundown of how the races went...

Five weeks ago - The Omaha Duathlon (USAT Sanctioned)
200 showed up for this competitive race. I really held back on the first run and started the bike in about 35th place. I came off a strong bike ride in 10th place and held that to the end. 1st in the 60-64 age group. Very happy with this outcome.
Three weeks ago - The Siouxperman Triathlon NW Iowa
This is a pool swim, sprint race. I've done this race four or five times and this year my best finish - 2nd Overall. I was really satisfied with all three phases of the race for an early season competition.

Two weeks ago - The Kansas City Sprint Tri (USAT Sanctioned)
Brutal swim since we were all heading right into the sun. Everyone was swimming all over each other since no one could see anything. Contact sport which resulted in a less than desired swim. Had the fastest bike split on the day. Ran pretty well and finished 5th Overall and 1st in 60-64 A/G.
One week ago - The Hickory Grove Tri / Du (USAT Sanctioned)
The wind chill was 38 and the water temp 60 so I switched to the Du from the Tri.
Wind was blowing at almost 20mph so it was a tough bike. Due to the cold my run wasn't what I'd hoped for but finished 3rd Overall and 1st in A/G.
Yesterday - The Lincoln (NE) Memorial Day Duathlon 9 (USAT Sanctioned)
Poor turnout for this. The obvious winner was going to be a Div. 1 scholarship runner from Nebraska Weslyan University. So, the rest of us battled it out for 2nd. I was 8th after the first run. Hammered the bike and caught everyone but the "kid."  :)
Started the second run in 2nd and held it to the end.
I have six races in the next 10 weeks, attempting to race myself into top shape for Nationals. Goal #1 is to not get injured. I'll train and race hard but I must stay just under that red-line where, if you go past it, you get injured. More to come....


Friday, April 7, 2017

Speaking at the Omaha Health, Wellness and Fitness Expo...

Excited to be a main stage speaker at this Expo. Nice online interview by the Omaha World Herald.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

What? Who? Me? 60?? Sixty? No way! I'm looking at these numbers and can't really believe they're mine. Six. Zero. Sixty! 60! Up til I was about 50, 60 was "old." Really OLD. And now I'm there. It's strange because for the most part, I feel 30. But, when I look in the mirror first thing in the morning or struggle to put my socks on while standing up (a goal of mine til I'm 70), I realize it's true. I'm least in the eyes of everyone on the planet 49 and under.
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I suppose a sixty year old should have learned some lessons along the way and since this is a triathlon blog, I'll share a few things I've learned having done over 150 triathlons of all distances and having run for 35 years. This isn't necessarily rocket-science, but these are principles that become very real as the wrinkles increase and the skin loosens.
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1 - Keep after it. Use it or lose it. Pretty basic, but SO true. The law of regeneration is in our bodies and if we move them and use them, that law will work very well. Sitting is the new smoking. Sedentary lifestyles are deadly. Get off the couch and do something...anything...but move!! Age really is only a number IF you stay as active as physically possible.
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 2 - We lose 10% of our strength per decade after our 30s. I started doing strength and resistance work in my mid-to-late 40s. It's one of the primary reasons I can still race relatively fast. I'm no body builder or power lifter,  but I'm consistently working major muscle groups - both the ones used primarily for swimming, biking and running, but also the secondary support muscles like lateral movement muscles.
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3 - Warming up is not longer a luxury but an absolute necessity. When I was a young man, I could just take off when the gun went off. Now, I need at least 30 minutes to fully warm up and 45 minutes is better. I jog a little, stretch a little, jog some more, do some dynamic stuff like lunges, high knees, butt kicks, lateral leg swings, etc. I want to have jogged two miles if possible before the race, nice and easy, so I'm sweating a bit and my muscles are awake and firing.
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 4 - Proper pacing in a race becomes even more critical the older you become. If you start too fast, you will blow a gasket early on and may not recover. Easing into a race is a smart thing even if properly warmed up. Now, a sprint triathlon is a quick race, relatively speaking. Even though the race is a little over an hour, vs. multi-hours for a half Ironman or Ironman, you've got to be smart. I've gone out too fast in the first couple of hundred yards in the swim and ended up on my back, gently kicking trying to get my breath back and heart rate down. Know are swimming WAY faster than you think you are the first 200 yds. No one every won a triathlon in the first 200 yds., so take it easy and build into the swim. The same applies to the bike and run.
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5 - Believe! Have confidence! Unless you're brand new to the sport, (and not many 60 yr. olds suddenly decide to become triathletes) you probably have...experience! Experience is huge in this sport. With experience comes confidence.  You've made most rookie mistakes long ago and are now racing smarter. Often experience and confidence beats youthfulness and raw energy. I've won races where the 30 yr. old looks at the race results in disbelief. I've been asked, "How in the world do you race that fast being as old as you are?" One of the answers is just plain confidence and experience. I've got some big goals for this season and the 2018 season. Confidence will be a huge asset on my way to achieving them.
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There are more lessons, but this is enough for now. Plus it's bedtime and since I'm old now, I need my sleep.  Now, where are my prunes? Good night.
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