Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 2 Siouxperman Triathlon Report

Here's the race report I sent to my sponsors....
Hey Everyone - thanks so much for your support. All of your products are fantastic! Last Saturday I raced in the Siouxperman Triathlon over in Iowa. Around 300 participated in this triathlon which is in it's third year. We did a serpentine type of swim in the Community Center pool, followed by a 15.5 mile bike and a 5K run.
I had studied the race results from the previous year so I knew what kind of splits I needed to compete with the fastest guys there. I took in my pre-race Hammer Nutritional products and loaded some more on my beautiful Valdora bike ( with deep rim Valdora wheels, prepared my transition area and headed for the pool. I put on my sweet Barracuda goggles ( which always fit perfectly and had a solid swim coming out with a time I would need to be towards the top at the end of the day.
Had a quick transition putting on my super light Zeal Optic sunglass ( and I was flying on my 16.5 lb. Valdora PHX. Out the course it was extremely windy - so much so it reminded me of the Queen K highway in Kona at the Ironman. Cyclists were being blown all over the road. (Christopher Cross' song, Ride Like The Wind was in my head the whole bike - motivating!) The previous year the fastest bike splits were 41 min. and change. I came in right at...41 min. and change. Popped a Hammergel...Great race so far.
Quick T2, grabbing my FCA hat ( and Nathan race belt ( with Nathan's Sidekick on it. My hamstring started to feel tight towards the end of the bike and I felt it at the start of the run. So, I popped some of Hammer's Endurolytes and, the cramping sensation went away.
Held a nice steady pace on the run and hit the finish line averaging 6:24 per mile for the run. During the run, I thought of my good friend Jamie Whitmore who is battling cancer...and winning, and was very motivated, I prayed for Jamie as I ran... My time? 1:07:something. Last year's winning time? 1:07:something. This year's winning time? 1:02:something. Wow. I got 7th and won the 50-54 age group. Very thankful for my race and what I could control...can't control who shows up. The six guys who beat me averaged being 25 years younger than me, between 23 and 31 yrs. old. I love trying to give those young bucks a run for their money.
Drank Hammer's Recoverite to be sure I got back into me just what I needed for post-race nutrition. Watched Troy, Josh and Justin, my three amigos come in and finish their very first tri. They did great.
Thanks again to everyone for your support and encouragement. Just found out I was named 2008 USAT All American...the 3rd year in a row. God has so blessed me! And you all had a big part in that blessing. Next race is an open 5K road race May 17, then I race every weekend in June culminating with the HyVee triathlon in Des Moines where they are expecting 3,000 to race. "A" race of the season is still Nationals in CA in late July, hopefully qualifying for Team USA and a place on the starting line at the World Championships in Australia in Sept.
Will keep you all posted,
PS - for the blog...why do I feel so very alive on race day? Why do I feel like racing is part of what I was created to do? Why do I feel more gratitude to God when I'm racing than almost any other time? Not sure exactly. Maybe Eric Liddel, the famous Olympian/missionary's words say it best - "...when I run, I feel His pleasure." All I know is, racing is a wonderful gift and I thank God for every stroke in the water, every pedal turn on the bike and every stride on the run. It truly is an amazing gift!

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