Sunday, June 24, 2018

Peaking At The Right Time To Nail Your "A" Race

Peaking. It's an art-form. It takes a big picture perspective. It demands a training plan that covers months, not weeks. It mandates a race schedule/calendar that is strategic. It may include two or even three phases with "mini-peaks" along the way. Over the years, I've learned to dial this in and it's allowed me to win three USAT Regional Championships, three USAT National Championships and complete three times for Team USA at the ITU World Championships.
Ultimately, the goal of peaking is...what? You want to be the leanest, fastest, sleekest, most confident YOU you can be the morning of the biggest race of your season (and maybe your life.) That race might be a marathon, a triathlon, a duathlon, an ultramarathlon or whatever...but you want to NAIL it!! Might be a shorter distance race or a really long one. The distance doesn't matter, you just want to kill it.
I'm one month into a three month build towards the ITU World Championships in Southport, Australia. I'm racing the sprint triathlon and it's draft-legal, meaning we're all on road bikes not time-trial type bikes with aerobars. I've never done one of these races before. Racing a road bike in a pack and then running off a road bike are two very different types of activities compared to racing on a tri bike. I have 23 years of tri bike racing experience. Zero draft-legal. No problem right?
I'm finding it slow going running off my road bike...way slower. So, we'll make some adjustments to the fit and I'll race it all summer, knowing that I'm giving up time by not racing my tri bike. But remember...this is all about peaking at the right time. All the local and regional races in the world don't really matter to me this season. There is only one race that matters and only one race that I must be at top-form, peak shape and that is Worlds.

I've got my plan and my race schedule. I'm dealing with issues as they come up along the way. When I peak the second week of September, I'll be ready to toe the line with some of the fastest 60-64 yr. young guys on the planet from probably 50+ countries. My peaking strategy is set.
In past World Championships, I've taken 20th, 8th and 6th. None of those will do this time. How about you? What's your "A" race? If you want to be sure you've got the right plan and strategy in place, give me a shout. I'd love to go over your plan or help you set up one. There's still plenty of time if your most importance race is in August, September, October or even November.  Peaking! Get it right and reach your goals!!