Monday, November 27, 2017

And So It Begins......

We've all heard that there is power gained by stating your goals publicly. You know, accountability and all that. The challenge is to shout your goals to the world without sounding braggadocios and having people roll their eyes at you. I think it can be done in a humble and hopeful kind of way, acknowledging all that could go wrong along the way and praising your "team" ahead of time (in case you DO accomplish the stated goals.)
Today started my long journey to the ITU Sprint Triathlon World Championships (draft legal) at Gold Coast, Australia. It'll be a 10 month journey with lots of training and several other important races along the way. I've lived in Zones 1 and 2 the last three months and am now moving to Zone 3 living. If you're interested in what that means, I'll be putting an educational video series on my website soon entitled, "5-Zone Living".
I've gained my off season weight and now I need to start to see some of it come off through the holidays, by the end of the year. (Great time to try and lose weight huh?) I'll be following a set workout plan and sticking to least 80% of the time. Life happens right? I will begin to dial in my focus.
So, here they are:
I'd like to finish very high at USAT Duathlon National Championships. They are offering both a draft-legal race and the next day, non-drafting race - April 6,7. Goal? Go for the National Championships.
ITU World Championship, Gold Coast, Australia. Sept. 13. Go for Gold and a World Championship.

USAT Aquabike and Aquathon National Championships, Miami. Nov.  Again, let's go for the top podium spots!
There you have it. Going for four National Championships and one World Championship. Can't believe I'm even typing this. Sounds completely outrageous. 100 things have to go right to win even once, let alone five times. But, very few people overshoot the mark when it comes to goal setting. I'd rather aim really high and just go for it. If I don't make it, no problem. I tried.
Keys:  Stay injury free!! Eat clean and get down to race weight. Train hard over the winter, on the bike particularly! Always be thankful for people and companies that encourage me and resource me as I move toward these goals. Will I achieve them? We'll see...but it all begins today!

Monday, November 20, 2017

NEW Website Launched!!

I'm very excited to announced I've launched a website designed to make you a better person and athlete. Please check it out. You'll find resources to avail yourself of that will educate and inspire you. We'll be adding to it regularly with a triathlon training and racing educational video series that will make you faster!  Enjoy!!