Thursday, July 19, 2007

Go Plant A Seed

Speak "Destiny" To Someone....Plant A Seed...And Change Their Life

Last year, at a planning meeting for the International Christian Triathlon Network Camp, Meghan Bullock, a fantastic young triathlete who was on the planning team said to me, "You could go to Worlds." Meghan had just race in Switzerland at the World Age Group Championship Triathlon, representing Team USA. I laughed. "Yeah, right," I thought "Me...Worlds...maybe when we get a blizzard in Phoenix in August." I replied, "Yeah right Meghan, maybe when I'm in the 80-84 age group." (And there are only 3 of us still alive.) We had our planning meeting and went home.

Over the next day or two, Meghan's words came back to my mind several times. She had seemed so serious. Did she really believe I could do that - Qualify for Team USA? Was she just being nice? No, I think she really meant it. At that point a seed of destiny had been planted in my heart. Now, months later, it has become a reality.

Here's the point...we can help lead others into their God-given destiny by first, believing in them and second, by speaking to them what we sense they can accomplish or become. Meghan believed...and spoke...I laughed. Several thousand years ago, someone else laughed. Her name was Sarah. Her husband was Abraham. They received a word of destiny about having a child even though they were well past child bearing years. Even though laughter was the first response that came out, their destiny had been set and a year later, Isaac (meaning "laughter") was born. God had said, "Is anything too hard for me? Genesis 18 and 21.

Look around you. Think about your family or close friends. What do you see in them? What could they become...IF you told them that they could and that you believed in them. Make "Destiny Deposits" in people often. Meghan, many months later, talked to me about the possibility of her taking a year to serve people in a missions environment. I had the chance to return the favor and add my word of destiny to Meghan's opportunity. So, right now, instead of tearing up the triathlon scene this year, she is serving the Lord and needy people in a foreign country. Go plant some seeds and listen to God say, "Is anything too hard for me?"


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