Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Final Post From This Side of the Big Pond....

Next post will be from Germany Lord willing. Most hotels have business centers where you can email so that's my plan. Here are just a few details:
We leave Wed. morning early and fly 5 hours to Newark, have a 3 hour layover and then an 8 hour flight to Hamburg. We arrive Wed. night at 10:30pm our time, 7:30am on Thurs. morning, Hamburg time. It'll probably be 9 or 10am by the time we get to the hotel and I sure hope we can get into our room before the normal check in time as it'll be the middle of the night on our body clocks.
We'll take a nap that German afternoon but make ourselves get up for the evening. The parade of the nations takes place that evening so it'll be fun to march along with all my teammates on Team USA. Some may be sleepwalking. Then off to bed...hopefully to sleep!
Team meeting at 11:00am on Friday and then check in for the race at registration and look around a bit. We have a prayer service for anyone on the team who wants to come that evening. Saturday, we get our bikes over to the transition area and then hang out, trying to rest without falling asleep. How do you do that???
My heat of about one hundred 50-54 yr. olds takes off Sunday at 10am Hamburg time, 1am Phoenix time. Results will be posted at http://www.triathlon.org/ and should be up when you wake up over here.
Prayer requests...for a quick body clock turn-around from the 9 hour time difference. Bike and gear arriving safely and with us. Good connections with others on Team USA and opportunities to encourage them and build a few good, new relationships. The prayer service on Friday evening (Fri. morning - USA time), and...a clean race - no flats, mechanical problems or muscles that tighten up during the race.
There is a chance of rain all week there and the high on race day is supposed to be only in the 50s. Quite a difference from...110 on Wed. here.
More to come from the land of wienerschnitzels.

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