Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Tri Training - 2010 Tri Season...

OK, so, it's been a brutal winter here in Nebraska. Approaching 3 months with snow on the ground and way below normal temps. Wind chill right now, at 5:30pm is 7 and the yearly average high for Feb. 22 is 41. Ouch. Training has been consistent but all indoors. I've become a whimp and now run on my treadmill all the times vs. going outside like I did from 1982 til 2000 before we moved to Phx. Run an hour and lower body resistance/weight work one day, swim and upper body resistance/weights the next, then bike an hour on the rollers and core work the third day, then, repeat...all winter...

I do have my first race of the year in four weeks at Lake Havasu, AZ. I've done the sprint race there five years in a row with my AZ buddy Randy Kastler. I've got a first, second, third, fifth and six (not in that order)at this race. Then, while we're in Tenn. in April I'll do the Scenic City Tri there at the end of April. One race in May in Iowa, then we hit a nice summer race schedule. I'll throw in a couple of running only races and maybe a cycling time'll be a fun season.

I really got spoiled in Arizona where the tri season is 11 months long. No such thing in the midwest. Long off-season where an athlete can put on a quick extra 10 lbs. and then work like crazy to try to get that off in time for the season - not easy at 53 yrs. another 6-7 to go. Why is food better when it's cold out? Just is.

Need to ramp up the swimming now and start adding some speed word to the run training and go a little longer on the bike. I'll be in Alaska for the Iditarod dog sled race for 6 days in early March (not competing - smile) and will most likely only get in a run or two during that week, but that's OK.

Picked up a new sponsor - The Stick. Check it out at It's a great total body therapy tool for both maintenance and injury treatment. Hope I only have to use it for the first one of those two.

Next post will probably be a Lake Havasu Tri race report. It's an early season race and a great opportunity to measure one's fitness.

God bless!

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Paul Asay said...

I can relate to the winter training. Similar here in Indiana. Sounds like your doing well though.