Saturday, December 9, 2017

A New Blahhh-g Post – Five Positive Actions To Blast The Winter Blahs

The sun now sets here in Omaha before 5pm and by 5:30pm it’s DARK. I feel like getting in bed each evening by 7:30pm. Sun doesn’t come up til about 7:30am. There are holiday snacks everywhere. I'll be honest - my willpower seems to be pretty low. I’m giving in far too much. Weight gain is happening and I’m discouraged. It’s that dreaded time when my lifestyle plan (what I purpose to do) and my actual choices, clash. 

My next important race isn’t for almost four months. I argue with myself…part of me saying that I’ve got plenty of time to start eating better and lose some weight and the other part telling me I’m really going to regret these bad choices.

What do we need to do to break out of the winter blahs?

One – Well, we’re doing it. Reading this blahhhh-g! Of course!

Two – Let’s plan on doing some “C” races. You know, a Santa Trot 5k or New Year’s Eve/Day 10K. Something. That way, we’ve got a race to train for. Same for January and February. That motivates.

Three – Watch movies, sports, shows, programs that pump us up. Just today I watched the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon on NBC. It helped. Better yet, watch something like that WHILE you workout.

Four – Get accountable. Workout with others or be accountable to a friend or coach that you can send your workouts to and/or your weight once a week. That can help sometimes.

Five – Let’s remember that we make a dozen decisions every day that will collectively effect who we are down the road. Respect THAT person. Have a clear picture of who you want that guy or gal to be, feel like, look like, etc.

We might not make great choices 100% of the time but let's think, yes think about our choices. 

Well, there you go. The info above is what I’m trying to wrap my brain around. I needed to write this as much as anyone needs to read it. Keep pressing on through the darkness and cold. I know that the couch, a blanket and the TV clicker have a powerful magnetic pull this time of year. Let the magnet of who you want to be next May be the stronger magnet. For more input, sign up for my free "One Thing" tip of the month - One thing you must do to be successful!

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