Monday, August 25, 2008

Lake Tahoe - Yea God! Beautiful!!! Best bike ride in 15 years.

This morning I climbed on a rented Trek road bike up from Kings Beach where we're staying at about 6,000 ft., to Brockway Summit at 7,000 something ft. on Highway 267. Most of that initial climb came in the last 1.5 miles of the 3. From there I got on a little used road, number 73 heading west through the Tahoe National Forest. Spectacular. View of the lake down below were awesome. Climbed another 1,000 ft. over the next 6 miles or so. Saw a sign for Watson Lake. OK. Sounds pretty - another alpine lake - I think I better keep riding til I found it. I LOVE exploring and discovering! So, I climbed and climbed, then screamed downhill, then more climbing. It was amazing. I saw one other cyclist, one car and several logging trucks and that was it.
I saw signs for ski runs...part of Northstar Ski area. The road I was on was actually part of the backside of the ski area. Finally a sign for Watson Lake. I hoped the road to it was paved since I was on a road bike. It was and after another mile or so I came on one of the most beautiful mountain meadows/lakes in the US. I had taken me about 1 1/2 hours to get there but was it worth it. One other family there relaxing.
I loaded 3 new worship CDs on my iPod just before leaving on this vacation...riding through the forest, the great smell of pine trees, views of the lake, flying on the downhills, listening to fresh worship doesn't get much better than this for this guy. I like to rate my runs / rides sometimes. This might be the best ride, all considered, that I've done since taking up cycling 15 yrs. ago as part of triathlon.
"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Yes He did! And what a fantastic job!!! Took me about 35-40 min. to get back down...90 going up so what does that tell you? Will probably do it again on Wed., and, I may just keep going once I climb to Watson Lake because according to the map...the road ends up in Tahoe City, about 9 miles south of where we're staying. Could be a really long ride, but hey...I'm on vacation. Thank you Lord!

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