Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One of the best runs in 30 yrs....

Ok, so yesterday was one of the top 5 bike rides ever, and today was one of the top 3 runs ever. I drove 6 miles to get to the trailhead and then took off down (and up) the most beautiful mountain / forest trail I've ever run on. High above L. Tahoe with temps about 60. Worship music via iPod in my brain... After 2 miles I came to a lookout over the lake. Huge boulders - hundreds of them...I stood on the top rock and just took in the view. Wow.
Another mile or two brought me to Watson Lake, which, I biked to yesterday on the paved road. Again...still spectacular! Ran back thinking about God's kindness to me in allowing me the strength and health to run, and, in such an incredible setting. Psalm 148:9 encourages creation to praise God - "Praise the Lord...mountains and all hills..." Mountains rise up pointing to God and His glory. How wonderful to run 7 miles through some of that glory!

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