Friday, January 14, 2011

Injuries Stink...What To Do...?

Injuries are part of sports and particularly endurance sport due to the same motions/movements taking place thousands of times. Injuries stink because they take you out of your normal training routines, which effects your racing, which messes with your mind even bringing on mild depression. If the injury is severe or long-term or reoccuring, it can take some people into more serious depression and a loss of identity.

Food for thought about injuries from a guy who's had 'em all and is now dealing with heel pain that's gone on for 9 months.
1. Let injuries help you to remember what REALLY matters in life. Running, triathlon, cycling, etc. are hobbies for 99% of us. Let's not take ourselves too seriously.
2. If an injury won't let you run, then put in extra time in the pool. If it won't let you do that. Focus on some other stuff while you heal up. Volunteer at a race instead of competing.
3. If it hurts to do it...probably shouldn't do it - let it heal
4. No athletic activity or performance defines anyone. Your value isn't found in your performance even though our society says it does. Your ultimate value is found in the fact that God created you and loves you.
5. Study your injury and the best treatment for it. EASE back into things. Often, ice, ice and more ice can be a great, free therapy along with The Stick - see list on left side of blog.

Hang in there. Very few injuries last more than a few weeks or a month or two. Injuries do stink, but they can be a valuable part of our life-learning experience and can develop a gratitude for the health we do enjoy.

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