Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bear Grylls on "Dreams"

Bear Grylls said, "Dreams are great, but they have a price. Dreams are made possible in those dark hours...the unsung hours behind the scenes and if you want them, you have to pay that price." He said this after paragliding higher than any man - up to Mt. Everest breaking the world record by over 5,000 ft. He also raised $1.7 million for charity through his Everest effort. What dreams do you have? Are you willing to pay the price?

This was something I just posted on my facebook page. I just watched a one hour special on Bear's attemt to fly as high or higher than Mt. Everest with a retangular parachute / sail and a motor strapped to his back for power. Pretty amazing story. It was a dream that he and his buddy carried in their hearts for months and months. In 58 minutes I saw the dream fulfilled. I didn't see all those "dark hours." I didn't see those unsung hours of preparation, trial and error and training in freezing conditions to ready themselves. Bear hit the nail on the head. Dreams are made possible by all the behind the scenes stuff one sees. Champions are made when no one is watching them train and practice. People watch and applaud the end result...but no one is applauding during the unsung hours.

Dream fulfillers are those who only need the dream, not the applause to move them forward. That picture of their prefered future motivates them, not man. What dream do you carry? Are you willing to pay the price to see it through the dark hours? I love that Bear raised over a million and a half dollars for charity through this event.

Bear, good for you and for all those who benefitted from your amazing effort and world record. To those the something to benefit others...learn from Bear.

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