Thursday, September 10, 2009

Friday morning - Polar Bear Plunge

Ok, so, I HATE cold water. Am a total wimp in that regard. So, the no wetsuit announcement was bad news - I was thinking that I wish I had some polar bear fur to insulate me - as I stood on the beach, looking out into the bay, I imagined a Polar Bear coming up out of the water, lumbering up to the transition, hopping on a sleek tri bike was a pretty funny pic in my mind though.

So, I plunged in this morning "sans" wetsuit, expecting to go hypothermic and have an Aussie lifeguard to come out and try to save my sorry carcas but, it actually wasn't that bad. I did think of the lady a few days ago who said there were Bull Sharks in the bay...sheesh..."Yea, though I walk through the valley of shadow of..." I did think that I probably looked like a very cool 5'10", blue with some white and red striped, fishing lure. Yikes. But, confidence was gained though from this morning's swim and my Achilles seems to be feeling better each day.

Last night was TOO cool. Team USA picture taken, then the parade of the nations and the opening ceremonies. Wow. How proud can you be of being an American? But just as cool was seeing all the other teams from over 40 nations, marching in, some with as few as 2-3 on the team and the Aussies with probably 800. It was dark but the whole infield that we marched in to was totally lit up and had a jumbotron screen and a huge PA system announcing the teams - got a bit emotional I must admit. Goosebumps, fire in my belly to race and "represent" grew.

Then a pasta dinner for 3,000 in a huge tent with live entertainment. All in all a fabulous evening. Today a day trip up to Mt. Tamborine just inland a ways. Am having a great time with the wife of my life. She is such a great tri-mate. As they say down here, "Me best mate."

More to come later. Thanks for your prayers,


Deb said...

AMAZING. Your experiences are amazing. Thanks for sharing, Linc. You are in our thoughts and we are lifting you to the Lord. Hugs to you and to Jen.

Kath A said...

My conversion chart says that 22C = 72F -- that's pretty chilly, mate! We prayed in your dad's class yesterday that the temp would drop 1/10th of a degree so you can wear the wetsuit! Whatta difference such a tiny amount makes, eh? Don't worry about those sharks -- they like bigger meals than you. But I guess you could be an appetizer -- hmmm! Just swim fast and they will never catch you! Praying that the Lord will give you the rest today and the strength you need to complete the race well tomorrow! Go team USA! Hi to Jen! Miss you both! Kath A