Saturday, September 12, 2009

World's Race Results - Got 8th out of 53 - Just missed 7th

OK...full report later but here's the skinny...
Came out of the water with the main pack, though a couple of guys got away by about 20 seconds (I actually outswam the guy who got World Champion, OK, by 1 second but hey, I'm just say'in...)
Bad first transition. Disappointing - struggled with wetsuit coming off. Pushed on the bike but unhappy with split now that I've seen it. Good second transition and tried to push the run but not happy with that split either. Have raced faster this year. Results at Might have to hunt a bit - look for Sprint Age Group Results.
Thankful for many things - no leg problems, no flats, etc. Clean race and I'm very thankful to the Lord for that and for reaching my goal of top 10. Missed 7th by 2 seconds. Got out sprinted by an Aussie.
I was the 2nd place Team USA finisher in 50-54 age group. World Champion beat me by 3:47. Got some work to do if I'm ever going to see the podium at another Worlds.
More to come later. Thank you to the many who thought of me and prayed for this day.
God is so good!


Deb said...

8th is AMAZING! What a great day. Congratulations, Linc. Glory be to God!!

Beth said...

Cool, cool!!!!!! Nathan and I were at the NE football game Saturday. I looked at my watch, and said, "Nathan, we need to pray for Pastor Lincoln again right now! He's probably running already!" You did great! We look forward to hearing all about it.
Beth & Howard Brown
Rachel, Nathan, Haley

christian guignard said...

Good show, Mate! Wow 8th place of 53! You rock, Linc. You have completed an amazing time at just 3&1/2 minutes after the first guy! So close! Now, enjoy the rest of your vacation with your sweetie, Jen.