Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thursday...2.5 days to go...

Hey - Well, as of today, no wetsuits allowed. Water temp must be under 22C and it's 22.1 Uggghhh. Big difference for me but oh well. 55 in my age group. 400 out of the 1,000 in the sprint distance race are from Australia as the "host" country gets twice as many slots as the rest of the world. Registered today and it's offical - race on! USA Team pic this afternoon, followed by parade of nations and opening ceremonies.

Race is USA time, 4:30pm for the Husker Nation folks and 2:30pm for our AZ friends - that's on Saturday. Will be Sunday morning here at 7:30am. Weather is perfect - low 50, high upper 70s. Getting adjusted to the time change pretty well. Eyes get fuzzy in the afternoon since it's middle of the night back home.

Worst thing so far besides the wetsuit ruling? Having a bird poop on my shoulder, mistaking me for a bird porta-potty. Am I really that ugly? Probably.

More to come... For a look at where we are, google "australia gold coast" and enjoy the pics.

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